Standard Work Agreement

Each order will be accompanied by an Order Shop Drawing Confirmation (provided by Babcock Metals) Please review drawings carefully before signing, as we will build to these drawings.  Please ensure that all details and drawings attached to this order convey the correct information. Any information outside this form (e.g. cad drawings, previous quotes, purchase orders, emails or other notes) must be referenced in the order to confirm the dimensions given in the Shop Drawing Confirmation (provided by Babcock Metals). Any details not included will be subject to the technical and artistic discretion of Babcock Metals. Once placed, orders may not be canceled in part or entirety. All sales are final.

Shop drawings 

Drawings are typically done as part of an order. Please review drawings carefully before signing, as we will build to these drawings. Once the shop drawing order has been approved by client/customer, Babcock Metals will provide a detailed invoice. Please review invoice carefully. Approval drawings generated by Babcock Metals are considered part of this agreement. A total of up to two revisions or redesigns will be done per item in any given order at no additional cost. Additional drawings and / or design work will be billed for at a rate of $65.00/hr. and will be added to the final balance. Babcock Metals may reproduce designs.

Deposits / Payment 

A 50% deposit is required with the placement of an order before work can begin. Once deposit is made estimated lead time for fabrication of order(s) is 4 – 6 weeks. Deposits are non-refundable. Payment is due in full upon completion of an order. Completion is all parts fabricated by Babcock Metals. Detention of any parts required from an outside source or other circumstances outside the direct control of Babcock Metals does not represent lack of completion of a project. Babcock Metals expects payment for all work done. Order balances for which the deposit was paid by credit card will have the final balance charged to that credit card, order balances for which deposit was paid by company or personal check will be due upon completion of such order and notification of completion has been made to the client/customer. Nonpayment or late payment, the signer (client/customer) may be reported to a credit reporting agencies. A 6% per annum service charge will be applied for any outstanding balance of which the signer will be responsible for  beginning 30 days from issuance of invoice. Completed orders with an outstanding balance will become the property of Babcock Metals and may be resold if the final balance is not paid within 90 days of the final invoice date. The customer further agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless Babcock Metals for any and all issues that may arise subsequent to the delivery of order. Estimated lead time dates and completion are non-binding and may be subject to change.

Change orders 

Any design, detail, or other change subsequent to the placement of an order must be accompanied by a completed change order form ( Revised Shop Drawing Confirmation Sheet provided by Babcock Metals) of which signatures are required of both the client (or authorized representative thereof) change order fee may apply.

Shipping / Handling 

Charges include packing materials, crating or palletizing (if necessary). Shipping and handling along with freight charges are paid by the customer/client. Please inspect all products upon receipt. Do not receive a clearly damaged package. All freight shipments must be opened and inspected for damage prior to signing for receipt. Should damage occur during shipping, please contact our office immediately and save packaging for inspection by a representative of the shipping company. Do not remove item from packaging, if possible. We will repair or replace the damaged item(s) as soon as possible subsequent to resolution of the damage claim Availability of parts and or material can have an impact on completion dates, which is ultimately beyond the control of Babcock Metals.


We do not accept returns of custom fixtures other than repairs that fall within the limits of our warranty. Once placed, orders may not be canceled in part or entirety.

Limited Warranty  

We pride ourselves in hand made beautiful custom products, but keep in mind that some small inconsistencies are normal and to be expected. Some variation from samples is normal and the nature of custom metal fabrication process means there will be slight variations that are unavoidable – these are not considered defects, we consider them the natural beauty of metal. Patinas (finishes) are not covered by our warranty.  We also know that accidents sometimes happen. Babcock Metals products are custom manufactured goods guaranteed for parts and workmanship for a period of 6 months subsequent to completion. Please inspect all products upon receipt. Any complaint or claim of non-conformity made more than 15 days after receipt of the good(s) shall not be covered by our warranty. If a claim or complaint is made within 15 days of receipt, shipping, handling, or storage issues may be considered as we assess the claim. Damage caused due to improper installation, mishandling and shipping is not covered by our warranty. If we determine that we have shipped you our client/customer items inconsistent with the contract or the specifications that we have agreed on as specified in the order paperwork, we will correct the problem by repair, replacement or refund, as we deem appropriate, and we will pay the freight.  Do not destroy the crate or other packaging; we will not pay for a new crate.  It is necessary to report any warranty claim before installation to avoid the cost of un-installing the item. If item is installed, we will not pay for un-installing or removing the item, and such cost shall not be covered by warranty. If we deem your claim valid by phone or email, we will determine how we will resolve it, either by local service, shipment back to us, or replacement. If we cannot determine definite validity of your claim over the phone, we will require that you ship the item back to us (ground shipping only; we will not cover costs associated with expedited shipping) for warranty determination at your expense. If we determine upon examination that your claim is valid, we will compensate you for the shipping. If we determine your claim is not valid, we shall not be liable for or pay for the freight in either direction. If the claim is invalid, you will be charged a service fee for checking your item plus a handling fee for the re-crating of your item.